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True Love is simple and free, it can never be bound, it flows in an endless and bountiful stream, from which all beings may quench their thirst.
It is because of the boundless and ever flowing nature of love that these words are only words unless they live as principled sign posts within your hearts. Allow love to flow through your softened and yielding hearts. Grasp at Love and it will disappear like water in a clenched hand.

These words are meant as signs along the way. Do not confuse what is said here for other Human Faculties, for we have a multiplicity of gifts to share with one another, companionship, reason, and other great mental faculties, but without the river of Love that runs through it, the ground of human nature becomes a parched and barren wasteland.

"Love one another".

So What exactly does this mean?

Hope is the first component of love, for with hope all things become possible. Hope is the seed of love and needs to be nurtured in order for love to germinate and begin to grow.
Faith is the food of love; with faith in our hearts love is endless and bountiful.
Those who have faith go in peace, for peace is the bed of love.

Truth is the Strength of Justice, trust is the fruit of truth. Therefore trust in love and it will grow strong and true, for only in Truth can love grow free.

Kindness is the light of love for it shines forth its mercy upon the whole world.
The merciful fruit of love is charity, for loves abundance is shared amongst all who would receive it.
The grace of love is forgiveness as only in forgiveness can love hope to spring anew from the seed that issues from it.

If any one of these is lost, then it is not love that issues forth, for love is simple and free, it can never be chained or bound in any way, it is the measure of all things and yet itself is boundless and bountiful. All that is needed for love is an open heart, so that the seed of hope may be planted there.

A community built upon love treads a path that is no different than an individual who treads the same path.

Hope is the seed in which we place our faith. Hope for ourselves, hope for our children, hope for our neighbours and wider hope for the community in which we live. We hope that our children and further generations will benefit from our offerings to them. We hope that our friends and family will continue to have the love that we offer them, and we further hope that the world in which we live will continue to flourish and grow in love as we recognise the interconnectedness of our existence with this earth of our inheritance.

We step out then with the seed of hope in our hearts and take a leap of faith in ourselves, in our neighbours, in our community and in our world, and with hope and faith in our hearts, can change the course on which we are set to a new path in which peace and prosperity is the inheritance we offer our children, not war, famine, and isolationist destruction, the gifts of our present regime.

Only in peace can we hope to find the answers to our current crisis, for peace allows us to trust in truth, the truth of the horror that we have created, without fear of reprisal or violent recrimination. Peace then for ourselves, our children, our community and our world.

Temper justice with kindness and mercy so that love can be seen to shine forth, for who is perfect among us! We all make mistakes along the way and all need the strength to air our faults so that we can free our hearts from the chains that bind, in this way love can continue to grow and will not wither in the darkness of fear, but blossom in the light of merciful kindness.

Charity is the blossoming of that mercy, the fruit of love that is to be shared by all who would receive it, we all have different gifts that we can offer others, a multiplicity of various natural talents that make up a greater whole, these are a well spring from which the needy may draw the water of love, pool your talents then so that collectively you may touch the stars, but do it freely, for love can not grow in the air of greed, It will wither and die before your eyes as desire takes hold of your heart.

As you give so shall you receive, this is the grace of love. Learn that with an open heart you may receive freely as you also have given, as we are all one, this is as much a part of love as any other, and if you have given freely of yourself and your natural talents, then accept the love that is offered you in return, freely.
Be gracious with one another and forgive the apparent wrongs and you too shall be forgiven, then your heart will be open and hope will be planted anew there. Fill your hearts with joy, and you will know that love lives within you.
Love is free, freely given and freely received. It is the gift of life.

The extension of love as read above is not just an individual and social reality. It is also a global reality. Humanity must extend to nature the same love that it affords itself, in exactly the same manner, for we are all in a state of nature at all times, everywhere.
There is no separation between humanity and nature; this is an illusion that we have created to justify the war we now wage against ourselves and the rest of nature. Love is the way out of this war. Love for ourselves, love for our community, love for nature. There is no separation but that which we create. We place ourselves above and against nature and fail to see that we are one and the same. From the smallest to the largest we are one.

Hope is the starting point from which we can change this catastrophe before us, for with hope in our hearts and hope in our community we can have hope in the earth that with our help she may begin to heal herself. It is not yet hopeless, but will soon be so if we do not act soon. Have faith then that we may love the earth of which we are a part, just as we are a part of a wider community and must have faith in it in order to grow in love, and just as we must have faith in ourselves so that we can grow personally in love and take effective and creative measures so as to grow in love. We must make our peace with the earth then and live in peace with her, for in peace we can find the strength to avert the coming catastrophe.

Peace is the cessation and negation of war, and so we must simply stop 'all' activities that are harmful or potentially harmful to the earth. Just stop if you are employed in an activity that supports a war effort against the earth then just simply cease! to act against her. No violent uprising is required, merely the immediate and unqualified cessation of all activities that rally against the earth, in favour of activities that bring forth creative and dynamic associations with our environment.
There is much anger and frustration in the world at the moment due to the sense of powerlessness that comes from the isolationism fostered by outdated philosophies, a new air of empowerment is upon us and we sense that the time for change is here, but I warn you now not to listen to those that would demand violence as a means to justify there ends. This will only lead to carnage and destruction, for who can trust a regime that uses the very tools of which they seek to set us free.

Love can never grow in such ways for violence begets violence, and where violence is used for change truth can never prosper. For who would confess a sin, or a crime, if they lived in fear of being subjected to the same violence that was supposed to set them free, thus love would be lost and the same regime would take charge as before, no trust can be placed in such means.

Truth can only flourish if peace is your calling card. Truth is the strength of justice, trust is the fruit of truth. For in truth our hearts are unchained and love becomes boundless. Listen to your heart and trust what you hear, for it will tell you what lies you hold onto, let them go and release yourself from bondage, for love cannot stay bound. Love is free, so too should your heart be. Where truth is lost, so too is love.

Offer the earth the same truth that you offer yourselves and one another and you will know love for her and she will grow in love with you. The earth can no longer live with the lies we perpetuate, the truth of our greed and avarice is hidden by those who cannot face their own hearts. We can no longer allow these liars to hold the reins of power, and if we do we ourselves are guilty of the same murder they commit. By allowing them to kill our inheritance we are as guilty as if we had pulled the trigger ourselves, so don't hide behind your apathy as it is like agreeing with them. Remember we are all one and never forget that what you do or allow to be done to the planet you also do to yourselves.
You would not allow others to strip you bare and leave you destitute, nakedly exposed to the elements, willingly, and if you saw another human being in that place and you were in a state of love then you would at least feed and cover them and give them protection from the cold or the searing heat, why then do you believe the earth is any different, for it is not!

The great chain of being is only as strong as its weakest link. It is time that humanity grew into its adulthood and recognised the responsibility with which it has been afforded. We are the gardeners of prosperity and the earth is our garden, and we are part of that garden. If we kill everything in the garden then we too will surely perish. The choice is yours!
Many will rally against these words and say that truth is a relative concept, but the truth of love is absolute and is found in the hearts of all who would hear and all who would see! The law as we have it is a maze constructed by the mind, it is a complex and winding road, and is forever an approximation of the living law within your hearts. Rather than say, do you think it is right, apply it to yourself and ask, does it feel right. For the law of the heart is universal and simple. Why then do we grope in the darkness when enlightenment is within!
If the heart is yielding then the common sense of loves universal law will be manifest, it is only the hard of heart that cannot see this truth, they are blinded by greed or any number of other desires that are used as substitutes to approximate the love they will not feel.
We have let these people with their hard hearts rule our lives for many reasons, and you can be sure that a hard heart craves power in this world so that it will not be forced to face the bitterness that lies within, but the simple fact remains that we are all one and as such we can no longer sit idly by thinking it is somebody else's responsibility to stop these children ruining our inheritance. If you do nothing to save the earth from weak and power lusting individuals, then you are as responsible as they are, and must carry that guilt with you, for you are as responsible as they are for the now, and for the future.
Do not shy away from it as there is no corner you can hide, a globe has no corners much like a heart, there is nowhere you can run to that will hide you from your heart. It is always 'here', and whether you hear or do not, whether you see or do not, it will always be the guiding influence in your lives, whether you rally to it, or rail against it, it will always be the driving power within you.
Your choice is simple, face it and be free or flee and be forever bound. You can never escape it, for you take it wherever you go.
Once the truth of love is within you, then the mercy of love will fall upon you like tears from the sky. Be merciful with the earth also and she will be merciful in return. For the temperance of truth in love is mercy. When you no longer rail against what is in your heart, then love shines forth in abundant mercy, for who amongst us is perfect, not one of us, yet in acts of simple mercy we offer others what we ourselves need, to sustain our love.
If you set yourselves against the earth as if you were not a part of her then a war will rage in which death and destruction can be the only outcome. For carnage and misery are the only gifts of war.

Yet if love is your guide then harmony and union are your rewards. Let mercy be your gift to the earth, as you would wish others to be merciful to you, and allow mercy and kindness to purvey your heart, so that they may shine upon all that would receive them.

Kindness is an understanding that the truth of love is universal within all hearts and we are all thus of the same kind.
Mercy is the natural extension of that understanding, for if we are all of the same heart then it is easy to be merciful towards others of the same kind. The earth too is of the same kind as each one of us, it is a living entity, and as such has the same living law in love as we do. It is only foolish pride that stops us from seeing that fact, look into your heart and you will see that this is true. For love is a universal truth, and Just as we all have different natural talents and different ways of expressing those natural gifts, so too the expression of the earths gifts are rendered in a way that is most natural for the earth to give of them.
We fail to see them because we fail to recognise the truth within our hearts, look within your heart and you will find the universal heart of all, each and every kind of being. As you learn to be merciful with yourself so it becomes easy to be merciful to others, and as Love is a universal principle, it naturally extends to mercy towards the environment of which you are a living part.
The higher self that will emerge from the truth of existence should be merciful towards both itself and others so that love can prosper and grow in the light of the universal connection with all.

Once this awareness is present the extension of that kindness and mercy is brought to fruition through charitable works, for charity is the fruit of love. Give, give, and give again freely of yourself and your natural gifts so that others can benefit from the love that flows through you.
Extend this same charity to yourself and do not shy away from giving in the same manner to the earth as it is a great joy to give love to the earth and watch her transform before you and bare your gifts, so that the relationship is one of mutual love and harmonious existence.
Learn to recognise the myriad of voices she uses to tell you her story and look for the signs that pass along your way of her communication to you.

All you must do is open your hearts to the possibility and the world will come alive for you and you will know love for her and will no longer war against what you conceive to be a lifeless thing with your hardened hearts, yield and your eyes will open, learn the hidden language of love within your hearts and you will hear her speak to you in love, for it is the language of life itself.

Be charitable with what you have for each of God's creations is a pointed perspective, unique and unrepeatable, be charitable with others for we all have our own special story to tell if only we would take the time to tell it, and we all have something to give if only we would give it, but do it freely, for love cannot prosper where desire abides. Be charitable but do it freely, for true charity wants nothing but to give, give, and give some more until love flows through every being. Famine would be impossible if love ruled.

Make a choice for the choice is yours here and now, let love rule and embrace life, or do nothing and allow the hard of heart to rule, and consign yourselves, and the Earth to death.

Grace is the natural culmination of life lived in love. As you are charitable with yourself, others and all around you have the grace that forms naturally around love to receive that love back, freely. True love allows others to grace us with their gifts freely and does not place restrictions upon the quality or quantity of there love, as this would be a false judgement, built around a desire that would stifle and bind love to a persons narrow concept of love. Listen then to your heart and do not let pride stop you from receiving love graciously, as gifts given in love should be received in love, have the grace then to receive them graciously so that love can be seen to be mutually inclusive, and thus will arouse new hope for a new future.
The earth too will offer her gifts, learn to accept them graciously so that you may learn to grow in love with her and renew the hope that has been lost in this age of loveless avarice.

Remember always that we all live by the grace of God and this gift is given freely. Learn to accept the gift that has been given to you by God freely, so that you may again love yourselves, one another, the Earth and the entire creative process of which you are a part.

May God smile upon you always, in all ways, and may love grow to greater and greater heights within your hearts. Have hope, take faith, go in peace, walk with Truth, show all mercy, give all charity, live in grace, and you will always know Love.



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