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No Words

Floating endlessly in this nascent cocoon, you are a part of me and I you.
Endlessly at first,
drifting in a cosseted harbour, growing in slumbered attachment;
muffled laughter, flowing into me with all the knowledge of that endless
An accord of harmony;

when time was ripe, you urged me out.
Flowing ever onward, you pushed me into this reality,
severing a cord that in our souls could never be cut.

When I scraped my knee, you came,
plaster and sympathy, crumpets and tea;
We sat in fits of giggles, then sang as the sunshine filtered through our
morning days,
and all around us the world, which always seemed to turn because of you.

How can I speak of you? When all the words cannot reflect this feeling
in my heart, yet...

The day you scolded me, and the world around me crumbled,
only to have it built again, as I grumbled.
With love and a soft awakening, ever standing on firmer ground.
A hearts rift, this quake within.
Yet always my solid ground,
my rock of ages,
held firm through all my self possessed stages.

Through all those years of endless me,
you watched and waited, held my hand patiently.
Waiting for the moment to set me free.
Now it is i who must do the same for you,
into a passage dimly lit,
no shining beacon to beckon us through.

All those physical stages, a continuity of ages.
Casting off that line to sail upon that sea,
I realised that you and i will always be, for you are in me, endlessly.
No separation of physical form could sever a cord of Noumenon born.
These Moments of transition change only circumstance and position,
but the continuity in our heart, reflect accord's that never part.

You pushed me on a swing, together we laughed, together we sing.
And tears too, we cried them both, when we were blue.
Yet now it seems i am left to cry alone, to water a Garden of
These tears that flow, they nurture memories that grow,
and blossom into flowers of passing joys,
so that all who pass bye, marvel at the radiance left behind,
the splash of luminescence in my mind;
The perfume of you, wafting delicately amongst this subtle rainbow hue.

And if harsh words were ever said, let us put them to bed;
and recall that, no words that were ever spoke,
could ever measure these hearts we stoke,
or sever a cord,
this bond unbroken,
the fullness of this love unspoken.

For every living gift you gave, echo's in these thoughtful ways,
a living monument to thee, a bond in love, forever free.

No words,

No Words...

RMP (2009)


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