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The Butterfly

Natures great translucent filigree,
nurtured by Leto's twinned loved majesty,
blown by ethereal winds of change,
times turned to passing remnants rearranged;
Engorged transcendence.
Spun upon a silken spinnerets design,
cocooned in depths, exquisitely refined,
fluttering splashes of Helios bright,
waft upon these rainbows of sweet delight;
Heralds a transformation.
A token that we too may transform,
to rise like some golden phoenix reborn,
returned from the ashes of some eternal rest,
gently to unfold delicate wings of flighted quest;
These tickling sensations,
tremulously tasting the currents and emanations,
until adorned with garments divine,
flashings of light that play across this line,
we enjoin with warm airs in sunlit delight,
shrouded in life's mystery,
an epiphany of history,
this resplendent metamorphosis takes flight,
and all the world wonders,
as this Butterfly flits and thunders.

RMP (2010)

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