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The Lion and the Lamb!

As the bomb ripped through the bus, tearing limb from limb,
severing forever a child's mistaken trust.
Was the cry, echoed in every Palestinian eye,
with the Bigots big bad tank parked nearby.
Was the cacophonous silence resounding in this sanctioned violence,
a Total Outrage on a slippery slick oily Burmese stage.
As the laughter echoed out, safe in Texas, in comfortable corners,
forgetting all those Iraqi mourners.
A billion without water, selling bullets for the guns,
of another manufactured slaughter.
As we cut down all the tree's, and with them every animal on its Knees!
an inhumane extinction manufactured just to please.
As another ice cap melted, a generation smelted,
for fat cats left unbelted.

...And in the silence, I heard a quickening roar,
a fiery defiance, a grasping of the score.
raged this wild and just enormity,
with mighty tooth and claw.
Then out the quiet mass rose up,
and held the banner high,
the battle raged cacophonous,
this dream would never die.
Forestalled apocalypse,
brought down upon its knees,
the outrage now resisted,
with heartfelt entreaties.

No More the guns,
No More the war,
No more the bullets fly.
No more the starving millions,
sat in gutters left to die...


No more the oily snake,
that's wrapped around our tree,
No more of children tears,
to fill our empty sea.
No more the greedy mob,
to shackle what is just,
No more our green jewelled Eden,
left to wallow in the dust.

And out the rage, a tethered lamb was led before the throng,
and meekly transformed every wanton weary woe filled wrong,
the power washed away the war, and silenced every doubt,
the Lion roared betwixt his side, and got the message out.

The Bus was filled with laughter,
the tanks are now all gone,
and water follows after,
the taps that now are run.
The trees that blossom daily,
and shelter sky's so meek,
forestalled a vision gaily,
of barren wastes so bleak.
for Love that was enthroned,
in each heart that rose to fight,
saw a lion and a lamb lay down,
through out that sacred night

RMP (2010)

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