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Sat at the waters edge,
blossom delicately falling.
A fragrance of you
wafting through the rivulet's
of my mind,
mixing with the sweetness
in the warmth of the late afternoon
skipping between the dappled sunlight
in the light spring air
the dance of soft shimmering leaves
brushing there velveteen skins, deliciously
blowing gently through these soft perfumed skies;

Beloved, whom i have loved always
swim with me
swoon in an endless embrace
through a timeless sea.
entwined in innocence,
we shall plunge forever
into each-others eyes
to swim immortal and free
enraptured through all eternity.
For I will be your Daphnis
schooled in loves delicate arts
to sweep in infinite waves
through your soulful body;

Beloved, fly with me
through all the skies
that Heaven's art did shape
across this great panoply of stars
past every moonlit stream
where two lovers fragrantly kissed
beneath a blossoming chestnut tree
to lay down upon sweet silken petals
beside some babbling brook
a gentle breeze, to ease
this foreign sun's touch
upon delicate skins embrace
as we, float as in a dream
across this timeless place;

Beloved, like Chloe, you came
delicate and demure
as i leant upon my rustic staff
lost in a haze of you,
staring into an endless distance
a dream made only for two.
Bare foot and stealth
in surprise you came
stroking my neck and soul
with your supple lips
a gentle kiss to remind me
of all i had missed;

Beloved, sit with me
by this stream,
and in sips, we shall drink it dry.

RMP (2010)

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