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This sun never sets,
the warmth of the day
is kindled and fired
in the depths of the darkest night.
Finally he grew, 'flew'
and in flight, a moon,
reflectance of his loves light,
to shine throughout that sacred night;
a new light is born,
blazing true and bright;
These never ending wheels we spin,
without, and within, are set, as we are set;
the net is tied, its weave no less,
much less is denied;
the cyclic rounds of loves strange dance,
in life, we either gaze or prance,
for love offers all a gift, the mirror
of our own hearts rift; so yeild, and dance,
with joy untold, let loves warm flux
in you unfold, and grace your life,
with that which reels,
for light encircles
a heart that feels

  RMP (2010)
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