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Moons corona painted us as dust upon a planet smitten,
dancing clouds surround, in loves dark halo, soft and given;
I lay with open arms and play,
whilest oft you bucked, yet fell away.
On sandy shores I heard the warbler, herald another dawning,
one in which the even's song was mourning;
Yet, in quiet solitude I rest,
and fracture hearts past loves at best;
For here the days great gift is given,
to live in union I am driven;

and does it not give credence to,
the old, the now, and the new;
to carry with each risen heart,
the leap of faith from whence we start;
For when in loves death throws we toss,
the hopelessness, and the cost,
T'is best we do recall outright,
the perfect beauty of that night,
where swam our dreams upon a shore,
with joy, and hope,

  RMP (2010)
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