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Have You Ever

Have you ever been in Love with an obscurantist?
each time they tell you the truth there looking at the floor!
you look into there eyes for a flicker of hope, but you get the jist,
because in secret they are really showing you the door.

And somewhere deep inside you know what's coming next,
but you waver, like that sickening feeling in your gut,
as you hear some more half truths masquerading as subtext,
so they slip away, leaving you stuck in your forlorn rut.

Then you fool yourself on a daily basis just to cut them some slack,
hoping against hope that the silence that's descended in your life,
is a communicable blip, hastily surrendered as they wander on back,
yet at heart, you know yours is the only one in strife.

The worst thing about it all is that this road to Hell,Yes,
just like the saying, is paved with good intentions,
which is why you love them in the first place i guess,
but you know there's not going to be any divine interventions.

Sometimes you just pray that they would tell you the truth,
but because your hearts involved you wish they never do;
your heart, gashed, like those bloody knee's in your youth,
sickening your soul to the quick, as it turns black and blue.

The vagaries of distance, always kept at arms length,
the immaculate deception, the show and tell of the stage magician,
all the while this yearning continually sapping your strength,
as your heart shrivels and wither's waiting for their fateful decision.

Then the devastation and destruction as the bombshell's burst,
wreaking soulful havoc, wrenching your heart from its corpulent abyss,
smashing your mind into fragmented ragged bits of verse,
contemplating in bewilderment why its them that you'll miss.

Sometimes a little honest bluntness at the start,
can help to ease some snowballed agony inside,
and save a soulfilled person a painful heart,
so try to detour round the obscurantists little ride.

RMP (2010)

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