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If I were a planet how would I exist?
would I understand my balance,
when threatened, would I try to resist.
If I were a river that flowed to the sea,
would I move so I may rest,
when damned, would I let it be.
If I were a man who moulded my life,
would I reshape my destiny, when defeated,
would I look for a wife;
if I were a fire, stoked to burn true and bright,
would I lick at my mentor,
when dowsed, would I burn throught the night.
If I were a poet in the arms of lifes love,
could I fly by myself,
would I dream from above.
Yet all that I am,
may be seen by your heart,
for 'IF' is the course,
where this love's set to start.

RMP (2010)

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