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A glance.
Furtive flashings of innocent surrender.
A touch.
Skin Mimicking skin,
the silken embrace held softly within.
A sweeping grace:
A kiss.
tentative lips embrace
sensate as breathe mingles with breathe.
The soulful stare
Dilating pupils laying spirits bare.
Blushing cheeks,
undulating peeks.
enfolding fingers made bold
sliding souls in yielding folds.
A butterfly lashes erectile hair
sensate flashings of sensual care.
each breathe a tingle without and within
dancing upon joys softened chin.
Legs that slip softly side by side,
engorged nipples that cannot hide,
the sumptuous gaze,
silently speaks of love beyond this sensual craze.
A yielding.
reciprocated trust
contrasting cravings craven lust.
a soulful gift,
measured against lusts cavernous rift.
This sweet intimate gift surrenders,
laying bare the soul that remembers.
Hollow shadow's crave without,
moving from a conquest to a doubt.
never filling the void or unrest,
slipping down each unfulfilling quest.
The intimate moment is lost,
when lust stops to count the cost.
Capitulating ego's unite,
quenching loves great thirst with nectar's of sweet delight.
A gift.
Its key remembered,
True love can never be dismembered.

RMP (2010)

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