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Mortal Plunder

The Sun it scorns all those who miss
its tidal constancy, its bliss
The bed, a welcome call for mourners
illuminating all those wistful corners

Did you think your world out like the rest?
Running from mortal plunder and from death,
not for the sounds of all the stars.
could life continue within this farce

Its better to accept your petty fate
and live each day, a date upon a date
with life embracing each days end
the night descending like a welcome friend

Not harried by the beast that seeks us out
nor frightened by our own immortal doubt
but listening to the cycles subtle tune
in life a fading note heard all too soon

For once in dreams, lucid, half remembered in a daze
i looked upon this supple time, with futures subtle gaze
and saw a boy, in distant days, with hope and happy heart
a seering gift, that turned upon itself, within this art

Then running in that tide, that draws all of us out
we played upon a shore that whirled, and danced around, about
whilst all the fearful folk, they whithered in their caves
times scornful miscreants, fears forlorn slaves

Did you wish for me to sit and Idle wanton be
Not likely!, no longing of the past is left inside of me
my muse will not allow for past pretension in this form
from present times to future climbs transcendently reborn

So do not labor long, forlorn, upon your little death
t'is best to celebrate love life, lived, in that your one last breath
and know that death is not the end, the cycles whirl within,
without, your doubts or morbid fears, lift up your noble chin.

RMP (2010)

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