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Open Mic

My Friend beside me,
Tuneful Revelry.
Subdued sanctuary of content-
-meant more to me,
than all the solitary moments
of navel Gazing obscurity.

A day to remind me
of what i had been, unseen!
wandering around this town
like seconds through the days,
through minute pathways.
a few amongst the throng-
Inside our own happy song.

Weary feet brought us here
to this favorite haunt.
a poets corner,
an angle,
with an angels- heart.
an end to the start;
A flighty sanctuary.
Inside the outside;
a chair to abide.

then down the stairs
where hardened thoughts shuffled,
shuffled hearts cascade.

some lightly glisading down the steps,
others bounding with experienced leaps,
like mental gymnasts.

My second trip;
I hope it isnt at the top of the stairs.


Richard Michael Parker: 2007

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