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The wheels, set in motion,
a gloriously inspired day of revelry,
a triad of magnificent intent;
we lay, nestled by dunes,
buffeted by ethereal winds of change;
- god smiled and natures bosom
opened to blue tranquility;
Birds rapturous symphony burst upon the air
and transfixed the moment in flirtatious song;
we quested for loveslight,
an illumination that was momentally blinding,
yet the enlightenment remains;
My love is arcing between the receptive middle
and the swirling tangential dreams,
manifesting dynamic unique forms;
wind waves lapped at fluffy golden shores,
with the sanctity of the eternal grace of lifes
soulful resonance;
my life entwined inextricably within me,
within you, and without both;
we create and are thus created,
we strive and are thus striven;
pointed existance leaves
and we are surrounded by life
in all it's immeasurable harmony.
a memory,
of three,

RMP (2010)

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