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Cold winds are broken, bees song in flight,
swollen with pollen, engourged with sunlight;
New buds that welcome, warmth formed anew
dawnlights first token, soft mellow dew;
The ice that enfolds, a lifes hidden embers
melts all around, a heart that remembers;
The seasons roll round, on Loves subtle rainbow,
shoots springs from ground, whilst winter is layed low;
On cool crisp clear mornings, we push and move fast,
on hue speckled dawnings, we grow from the past;
If in our days, we trace birds sweet song
natures new ways
sure to turn all along;
The winds that blew icy, from climbs that were colder
signal times constant dance, in the rounds one loop older;
Cherrish this gift, lifes love freely given
for your heart springs anew, with a soul freshly risen;
For this cycle that wheels, with and without us,
subtly feels, all the lovers and doubters;
With natures fresh kiss, a breathe, softly spoken,
close your eyes and you'll miss
dark nights spell thats broken;
arise and renew, walk in fields lush with clover,
be as one sky thats blue, for deaths storm now is over;
For when in the dusk, we recount loves first sunlight,
rest assured that with hope
we may sleep safe the long night

  RMP (2010)
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