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Star Bright

In fiery firmament, self sated stars,
late Venus rises below yon moon,
shines forth upon lo dwindling Mars,
t'is cupped to catch this lovers swoon;
Where wanton need breaks through this peace,
and sighs for psyches feathered search,
vexatious greed does find release,
in cupids hidden flighted lurch.
Why hidden loves must suffer so,
in twilight realms so near to thee,
a mothers love, this friendly foe,
remorseless trials, endlessly;
Yet lo, this supple spell unfolds,
and swims this endless night,
for lovers found in times untold,
are rested from their flight;
And swift the arrows take their mark,
as songs do echo out,
sweet psyche searching in the dark,
cries tears, forlorn in doubt;
So heaven open up your doors,
flee rancour and sad fright;
doth make these two doved winged amours,
together one Star Bright.

RMP (2009)

(London skyline, 6pm, 27th February, 2009.
Thoughts upon a friend, in remembrance of another, in reply to a third.)

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