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The Well

Stripped down
laying bare these artifices
a watershed of remnants
... float by ...
waves of grief
flooding me from within
awash inside this inner tide
the swell ...
deep in the well
a chasm that aches
a heart that never breaks
all defenses washed away
every egoistic mask
bare before this task
my inner washing hung
dripping wet
wrung out on the line
like a tolling bell
and still I cannot let you go...
your hand in mine
slipping away
torn within the rip
this bond of love
Sea's that wash through me
issue in drops
never will you leave this heart
in time I will draw your waters
into my mind
from the well you left behind
A well of contentment
of Love and surety
as the world changes
around and about
there will be no doubt
for the waters I draw
that quench our thirst
were shown to me by you
you who taught me how to dip
to sip from that spring
that endless living love
safe from parched wandering
hand over hand
drawn ever upward
you are my well
and from your waters
I shall forever drink
and in my heart
and where I think
you shall forever dwell ...
I have loved you always
and in all ways
I shall love you.

RMP (2010)

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