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Timeless Intimacy

Time challenged me to gaze upon desire,
my own soulful pyre,
This insatiably fickle and fleeting sensuality,
pulling me deeper inside its reality.
Caught in the rip of my own mental fire,
a roaring flame that never seems to tire.
A Lover,
sating desires riven heart,
the shore upon which my yearning cries no more.
and from this bank,
where time trickles,
along a constant stream,
the heartfelt ripples,
like in a dream,
pulling me into an endless tide,
to melt as one, side by side.
Time and self enjoined in flowing dance,
the dips and swirls, The rhythmic twirls,
preeminently caught within a trance.
Deeper into the currents of those heedless waters,
I am joined,
An Intimacy in deed,
not some wanton fleeting need.
So we, caught within this sinusoidal spree,
moving endlessly,
towards some fathomless bottomless sea,
to rest, in some immortal priapic breast,
or captured by some pirate vice,
and stuffed into a chest.

Oh Brother time, or what is glimpsed of him,
ceaselessly twirls his eddying locks,
Erupting from the womb,
like some transcendent immortal fox.
Time, Matter, Energy,
mirror each other endlessly,
Dancing longingly, to that tuneful revelry,
the endless game,
The chastened tail,
all the same.
Cast upon these waters,
Bobbing on the surface of an illusion, 
a grand chromatic dance,
a happenstance,
this soulful skin,
beckoning me in.

A Surrender and a Trust,
nestled in powers,
both great and small are trussed.
Incredulous to the last,
no great power comes,
but by great Farce...
for time is dear,
both in worth, and in fear,
and brother time is yearning still,
caught within the shimmering deception,
of his own mourning sea,
heedless of that ever loving heart,
in Unity.

An Intimate time,
born of a Lover,
turned from this mind into another,
washed through a stream,
a gift bespoken,
for timeless intimacy,
is this hearts true token.

RMP (2010)

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