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Life given, life received,
in memories of you I bleed;
A mirror of other whim's, hallowed in cloistered corners,
harbour's a fatefull bell, rung only for the mourners;
whipping the tide of time, greeting another master,
loves never intertwine, minds that keep pushing faster;
given a moment, we could be catching a falacy,
holding it tightly, then watch it transform in reality;
one life given, one life received,
in time we will find that our feelings receed.
Life given, life received,
a memory of you perceived;
into a barren sky, life moving quickly backward,
shallow in open graves, life moving slowly skyward,
my heart never rests for peace, driven in mortal plunder,
riveting open space, my loves only left asunder;
one word, one look, a stone is shaken,
this time, this space, a love forsaken;
a promise of golden dreams,
diamonds that sparkled brightly,
love's rarely what it seems,
fashioned, it happens slightly.