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A fire watches over us
his sister moves about
and when the day is over
the two will meet no doubt.
With each emotion held within
a brand is fired and stoked
for loves true light will not allow
it's freedom to be choked;

The coils of hateful hearts ingrained
like snakes within a drum
the roots of all those feelings chained
are heart strings plucked, and strum.
So break all of those chains that bind
and let true love sing out
free your heart, your soul, your mind
unshackling the doubt;

A heart cannot be chained
when love is welcomed in
it cannot be enslaved, or maimed
or caught within a din.
It flows like an eternal stream
and quenches every thirst
and slips between each heartfelt dream
with joy in light, to burst;  

If time and tide, or fateful worst
or fortunes, could be changed
let it be within you first
that heartbeat's rearranged.
for in the end the seed of hope
is where we all will start
a relic in a sacred tope
enshrined within your heart;

let go,
let go,
let go again,
and open up your heart
Let go of all that hate and fear
then sadness will depart.
For in the time it takes for you
to free that shackled place
beware, for fear will close the gap
and squeeze that open space;

let go,
let go,
let go again,
The time is 'now', its true
don't look away with doubting eyes
the light of loves within you.
Yet minds that try to grasp at love
will find the dance deceived
for only in the yielding heart
are hatreds coils relieved;

So hear these words with softened hearts
and break the chains that bind
for love holds fast to hearts that yield
and mends the troubled mind.
For this i tell you now its clear
for I have born the cost
your enemy is hate and fear
love rules, or all is lost;

For on that day that love ascends
and sits upon that throne
is when its deemed your freedoms friends
and finally have grown.
From children into mighty souls
compassionate and true
and reached all of your lofty goals
young spirits born anew.

love rules.

RMP (2010)

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